Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gesundheit Surprise

Shortly after my blog post on Chip's obsession with Gesundheit, E dropped a line to the game creator just letting him know how much the boy loves his game. 

E used to be in that industry, so I suppose he understands how much such feedback would be appreciated. I thought it is a really nice gesture on his part. :> 

What I didn't expect was the pleasant surprise we received from Matt, the game creator, who replied with a lovely email and attachments of his own sketches of the game. These are such wonderful keepsakes for Chip. 

> Thanks for getting in touch--that's amazing!!
> I actually saw the blog post earlier today--my mom occasionally still
> googles my stuff, and she was the one who first sent me the link. I
> can't tell you how much it made my day to see Chip's drawings of all
> the Gesundheit characters (even the boss!), and his levels are really
> complex--must be a talented guy!
> When I was that age I would design levels on paper for my favourite
> Nintendo games, so I admit I'm having a little bit of a
> circle-is-complete moment. And as a matter of fact his drawings
> actually look a lot like the sketches I started off with when
> designing the characters and levels for Gesundheit (attached are a few
> early doodles to show you what I mean).
> Anyway, I just wanted to thank Chip again for the coolest fan-art I've
> ever seen, and best of luck with future game design ideas--sure there
> could be a bright future there.
> :)
> Matt

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