Sunday, December 11, 2011

5-year-old Chippy

*Very belated post*

This little piggy had two birthday celebrations this year.

On the actual day, we had a cosy home-affair with a fancy and yummy chocolate cheesecake from Canele, which daddy chose that didn't suit the kids' palate. But at least Chip received the present that thrilled him to bits.


A week later, we threw a party at Polliwogs and the birthday boy invited his friends from school. The cake that we brought to the party pleased the boys in both designs and taste.


The Polliwogs party package is a lousy deal though and I certainly won't recommend it to anyone. You are much better off just paying entrance fee for your guests and order food directly from the cafe. 

It's a real shame we didn't have proper photos as I had to carry Olivia nearly the entire two hours of the party and unfortunately, E was also too distracted. Nevertheless, the kids had tons of fun, which is probably the only thing that matters.

Looking back at some recent photos of Chip just reminded me how much he has changed physically since his 4th birthday. He really looks very grown up now with more serious facial expressions. He has lost all his baby fats. Sob! I miss those cute cheeks (though they were never that chubby in the first place) and his round tummy. Now he just has the same incredibly skinny frame like M. 




Chip is still the clown in the house. He has a good sense of humour and also enjoys making up jokes and riddles. He still hasn't gotten over toilet humour yet and will not pass up any opportunity to sneak in some when he thinks I am not listening. 

Everyday, we are bound to hear something from him that cracked us up. 

When out with daddy and was lazy to walk, he grumbled, 'my trotters are tired'.

To my exclamation that Olivia is such a sweet princess, he corrected 'She is not a princess! She is a baby!'

The boy may be precocious, but he has a firm belief in Santa and his magic. He whispered to me a week before Christmas of his plan to stay awake on Christmas Eve so he can peep at Santa. And since we have no chimney in the house, he believes Santa will come through our air con vent. He can always use his magic to make his tummy small enough to squeeze through. 

One of his most used words right now is 'nonsense'. He doesn't hesitate to say we are spouting nonsense whenever he hears things from us that he doesn't like. So when M told him there is no such thing as Santa and it is the parents who leave presents under the tree, he uttered a crystal clear 'nonsense' to M.

He gets a thrill from testing everyone at home on all kinds of quizzes that he creates. He is still drawing complex mazes for Grandpa to tackle. His recent hobby, other than playing Gesundheit and creating his games, is designing Word Search puzzles on an average of two a day. They are presented to us as gifts or challenges. 

He always seems to have a favourite topic of the week which he would talk non-stop about to anyone who cares to listen. Sometimes these are themes that are discussed in school, and from the details he is able to share, it is obvious he has been really attentive during lessons. He takes great pride sharing his knowledge. And the more he shares, the more he gets excited by the topic. Hence he would read up more on it or asked to be read books on them. 

Above: A puzzle he made on his own during the 'Ring of Fire' week when he would talk non-stop about volcanoes and the Ring of Fire.  

His favourite colour is still pink, though now he will not wear pink clothes to go out anymore in case his friends laugh at him. 

He still loves anything to do with pig. A present that has a pig on it makes him really happy.

Last but not least, his favourite person in the family now is Bunny. 

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