Monday, December 12, 2011

In Their Eyes

My boys absolutely adore their little sister. 

To them, she is the cutest baby and the prettiest little thing they have ever seen.

Before Olivia was born, Chip was the one who showed interest, asked questions and talked to me about her. He lovingly made her shoes and blankets and wanted to make her clothes when she is older. 

M rarely mentioned anything about the unborn baby, except for the few occasions when he would stroke, hug and kiss my expanded belly. 

The first time they set eyes on her was when they came to the hospital a few hours after her birth. They were mesmerized by her tininess, but weren't that impressed with her otherwise. After all, she was just a bundle that hardly moved or made any sound. 

As the weeks went by, it was obvious that their love for her has grown exponentially.


Nicholas singing a rhyme to 6-weeks-old Olivia.

M has been especially affectionate, kissing her every time he sees her. 

When he comes home from school, the first thing he does after taking off his shoes is coming straight to my room to see his baby sister. With a big sweet smile and gentle-looking eyes, he would gaze lovingly at her, wave his hand and greets her with a high-pitched 'Hiiiiiiiiiiii Baby O' before planting a kiss on the head. I always have to shoo him off to wash hands and shower.  

During the school holidays, he came to see her the moment he woke in the morning and kissed her goodnight. Throughout the day, whenever I called 'Marcus, help!' for all kinds of favours, he would drop everything that he was doing and dash into my room to help. It could be to fetch a tissue or towel, grab something from the kitchen or just about anything that I ask for. 

Basically, as long as the favour has to do with helping me look after Olivia, he does it immediately and I never have to ask twice. It is not the same with anything else though. 

Whenever I was caught up with something and couldn't be with her the moment she cried, M would dash to her side and begin singing her a song. He has learnt that talking to her and just giving her face time often calms her down and he takes great pride in soliciting smiles from her. 

Olivia @ 2 months

Olivia @ 2.5 months; 'talking' to Baby Pig which M had placed there to entertain her.

When they heard the dad cracking jokes or calling Baby O cheeky names, they defended their precious sister. E pretended to administer 'tickling torture' on her one day and they both jumped up from their chairs in a flash to shield and protect her, working together to wrestle and tickle the daddy instead. 

I can't say enough how pleased I am to see how much the brothers love their baby sister. I just know, deep in my heart, that my blessed little gal will be very pampered (hopefully in a good way) by all the boys in the house. 

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