Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Every few months, the thought of privatizing this blog will enter my mind. Like now.

Sometimes I like the idea of sharing with friends and strangers alike. It is especially encouraging when readers tell me they are motivated and inspired by what I've shared and are influenced in a positive way.

I like it that I can help and encourage others, even if it means a few at a time, in this small way.

But there are also times when I would reconsider the pros and cons of making my thoughts and certain aspects of our lives so exposed, to just about anyone.

Maintaining a blog is also sheer hard work. For the blog to remain meaningful, even if it is just to me, means I must be able to keep it up-to-date with our lives. Presently, this alone, is an insane goal to meet.

I have never thought of shutting the blog down though, simply because I enjoy writing. Penning my thoughts and views on matters, which sometimes for different reasons I don't/can't really talk about, also gives me clarity and closure. Blogging can be so therapeutic.

More importantly, the main reason I blog is to record the big and little things about our days, our world and my world. Things that may be mundane to others, but meaningful to me.

Often, I will re-read my old posts to be reminded of the beautiful little things that I have forgotten. And each time, I am grateful that I blogged about them.

I want to stay true to myself and to the things that I'm passionate about. I want to be able to look back years from now and remember the life that I have led and the issues that have mattered to me. I want my kids to read in depth and hopefully appreciate and understand my perspectives of our lives.

But as the kids grow, I find myself more hesitant to talk about them so openly. I always and already have reservations about sharing certain aspects of our lives, so if I start censoring even more, this blog will no longer serve its original intent.

That's my current dilemma.

And I'm still deliberating.


Joyce said...

Your blog is one of my all-time favourite. I get inspired by what you write and very often, just reading your posts encourage me to be a better mum. I hope you decide to continue blogging.

emma's mummy said...


Follow your blog for some time, since my girl attended your trial class once about 2 years ago.

I also had a blog, often thinking to close it down, but I am still thankful of blogging for long( 4 years since older one was born). Without blogging, I don't think that I will achieve that much, though mine is very little compared to what you did for your family.

Thanks for sharing for years.

Karen said...

I am in a different part of the world but pop in every now and then when I'm lacking inspiration and I always leave motivated to do better and give more for my kids and family. The good drives me on, the bad reminds me that we are all human no matter how much of a super mum you are! :) Hope you keep it open, you are touching more lives than you realise. You can privatise certain posts perhaps?

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks Joyce for letting me know that what I wrote makes a difference to you.

Hi Emma's mummy, you are most welcome! I remember you and your gal. :> I agree with you that blogging about our days also has helped me, in a way, to keep going on and doing what I've done for the kids and family.

Hi Karen, thanks for speaking up. Your comment is a comforting one. I'm definitely as human as everyone else and I didn't start out (and still don't intend to) trying to be a super mum. I just want to keep trying my best and giving my best to my family. Unfortunately with blogspot, we can't privatize some posts.

Anonymous said...

You have a flair in writing. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. If you think there's a need to be more private. Mayhap you can privatise your blog but authorized the people you know to read? At least you still can continue to blog and have a faithful groups of readers following your blog and support you!

Not sure whether that sounds like a good idea for moms out in the public who you do not know.

I just realise you have made your blog live again...there are quite alot of posts to catch up! Thanks for sharing. :)


Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks J, sorry I missed your comment. I'll think about your suggestion. :>


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