Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Museum Visit on Weekdays

This girl loves visiting museums. 

She seems to have fun going with just me and it is a great opportunity for me to introduce new ideas to her without her brothers in the way. 

But it is a different kind of fun to visit with friends. I can never be tired of watching her interact and explore with other little ones. 

Now, who is keen for a playdate to museums? 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Grey Hair

I find it very amusing how the same thing I said can elicit such different responses and reactions from the 4 people at home.

I was in the lift one day with the two younger kids. 

Me: Sigh! I have so much grey hair! (looking in mirror and flipping my hair from one side to another)

The nearly 6-year-old (almost immediately): "Aww... mama! You are the most beautiful Mama in the whole wide world!" Then she hugged my legs and looked up at me with big cutie eyes, as if to say 'trust me!'. 

The nearly 11-year-old (in a gentle tone): "Mama... usually people will not notice grey hair. They just look at your face and expressions. See, if you didn't tell me, I would not notice!"  He checked my face for acknowledgement and when I didn't say anything, he went on, "Really!  I hardly notice any grey hair!" 

Few weeks ago, I said the same to #1 and hubby on separate occasions. 

The nearly 13 -year-old: "At least they were not counting your wrinkles!"  Then he gave me his trademark smile. 

Hmm... was he consoling me or perfecting his sarcasm on me? 

The hubby: "I can't see any. Just go to the salon if it bothers you."

I suppose I should take comfort that at least he did not insist that I should age gracefully. 

Hmm.... if only kids will remain small forever or their sweet nature is not lost with age. 

When I Have 20 Minutes to Play

These days, I have to be conscious about slowing down and setting aside time to spend playing games with Dolly.

I like playing games that require the kids to strategise. Especially those that do not take all day.

So Blokus is a great game that meets my objectives.  This set is worth every penny! We have it for a couple of years now and boys used to play for hours.

Nowadays, if I am not playing it with Dolly, she will use the pieces for other purposes. When Ah Ma visits, this is one of those games that is easy enough for Ah Ma to understand and play reasonably well. Sometimes I will hear Dolly chiding Ah Ma gently for breaking the rules or "cheating". Haha ..

I must remember to take photos of them playing in future.


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