Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Games We Play: Othello

When Dolly was 3-years-old, she was unable to understand the rules of the Othello game enough to play meaningfully.

A few months ago, I decided to try again and was pleasantly surprised that she picked up real fast. By the second game, she was already able to retain over 10 pieces of her colour by the time we reached the end of the game.

I especially love the fact that this game hones one's ability to strategise and observation skill. To play well, even for a young player like Dolly, she must observe her opponent's moves, predict his intentions, consider her own's priorities and devise a series of moves to counter her opponent's moves.

Though I first bought this game for M some 8 years ago, it was Chip who played this game more often. But this game has been kept in storage the last 2 years since the boys have moved on to more exciting games, so I am just so pleased that the Dolly has taken such an interest in it. Hopefully we can continue to play this a couple of times a week before her interest wanes.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Art: Parrot Collage

She drew and cut out every part of the parrot's body. I showed her how to draw the leaves and branches.

After leaving her with some instructions, I left her to complete the craft.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Conversations with Dolly

Conversation #1: On Getting Married

During breakfast one day...

Dolly: When can I have my own babies?

Me: When you are an adult and after you get married, you can have your own babies.

Dolly: Huh? I must wait so long! I want to marry next year. 

Me: (big laugh from me!) You cannot marry next year because both of you are just little children. 

Dolly: Why must I wait till I am an adult to get married?

Me: Because getting married means you must be able to look after yourself. You have to leave this house and live with your husband. You must be able to earn your own $, look after your house and each other because mummy and daddy will not be there to look after anymore. So you must wait till you are an adult.

Dolly: So I must be an adult first, and get married, then I can have my own babies. Sigh.

Conversation #2: Getting Married

Dolly: Mummy, you said girls must get married first before they can have babies. Did you get married too?

Me: Huh? Of course I did.

Dolly: Huh? But who did you get married to? I did not see you get married. (looking very confused)

Me: Your daddy! How could you have seen me if I have to get married before I can have you?

Dolly: Daddy is your husband?! Ooooo... so he is your prince. Ahh....

Haha... maybe E does not look like the typical prince to her, especially when the only images of princes she know look are these ...

Conversation #3: Making Babies

One day, while I was driving Dolly to school....

Dolly: How do women get pregnant?

Me: Uh... (not ready to 'educate' the under-5-year-old after just 'educating' the boys).. they fall in love with a nice man, get married before they get pregnant.

Dolly: So if you are going to get pregnant again, do you have to marry a nice man again?

Me: No... I have three kids. But I only got married once. Once you are married, you can have as many kids as you want.

Dolly: Ohh..... so is it the man who decides whether to have a baby?

Me: No.. it is up to both the husband and wife to decide. They must discuss and agree whether to have a baby or not.

Dolly: So when I am in K2 (next year), can you get pregnant again so that I can have a baby brother or sister to cuddle and play with? Please....



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