Thursday, December 1, 2011

Obsessed with Gesundheit

Ever since he discovered this Gesundheit game, Chip has been totally hooked. He asks to play it every day.
Very soon, his obsession with the game is manifested in many ways. He draws them on papers. Like this one.
Sometimes he dashes straight to the table to draw first thing in the morning. It's as if he has some big inspirations and needs to produce it on paper before he forgets. :>
He arranges big Lego pieces to form mazes and traps and adds other toys and props, either as the monsters or the pig.
He utilizes our Blokus pieces for the same purpose.
He will talk non-stop about the game with incredible enthusiasm, as if it is the most fascinating invention in the world.
Then one day, he picked out his favourite 'Gesundheit games' that he had drawn on papers and compiled them into a book after adding a cover and content page. He was immensely proud of himself. :>
A week later, he created another booklet that contains the instructions to play the game. Haha...

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