Monday, December 5, 2011

Olivia: Nearly 3 Months

She never fails to make me laugh when she

~ sucks her lips noisily as if they are the tastiest morsels;
~ strokes her hair gently with her left arm (always this same arm!);

~ tries to suck her thumb and ends up punching her nose instead;

~ places her thumb on her nose instead of inside her mouth and makes noisy sucking sounds for a few seconds before looking confused. Ha ha!

I love how she looked so relaxed and happy in these photos. 





E thinks she is really a mummy's gal. 

It is obvious I'm her favourite person. 

The moment I walk into the room, her eyes light up and she would flash me a big smile straightaway. Immediately after that, her eyes will follow me everywhere I go. Should I walk away from her or if I didn't go towards her after a minute or two, she would start to utter small sounds while maintaining her eye contact with me. As if she was calling me. 

Such a sweet little bunny.  



gals_mama said...

So cute. Makes me feel like lifting her up and smell her. :) And her chubby cheeks.

Dominique Goh said...

She's so chubby!!! love her cheeks.

Winnie said...

Adorable & sweet baby and happy & pretty mummy :)

suz said...

It was great to bump into you today! Nice catching up! Olivia is adorable. I love her smiles!

We should arrange for playground time for the boys soon...when the weather clears up!


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