Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Princess's Names

Finally, one more thing to check off the to-do list.

Her names. 

Since E doesn't have any objections nor alternatives that could persuade me to reconsider, her English name has stayed in the number 1 spot in my short list ever since it made it. My boys have already decided that their sister must be called this name. No other.  

The grandma had very oddly requested a few months ago that we named her Axxxx, after a deceased aunt of hers whom we have never met. Nay. Especially after this. It won't ever be considered even for a middle name now. 

The tricky matter is finalizing her Chinese name. E isn't of much help in this area at all. He has no preference for any particular characters since he doesn't know the language. He doesn't even have any opinion on the meanings that he would like her Chinese name to have. 'As long as it sounds nice and doesn't mean dog droppings or something.'

I narrowed them down to three, all beginning with 诗. 

He dislikes my favourite of the three because of a really biased reason, which annoys me. If he can appreciate the Chinese language, he would be able to understand the poetic beauty of the name. See, another reason why I insist my kids must not be raised as 'gan-tangs' like him and his siblings who don't even know how to write their Chinese names! 

We both refused to budge. For months. Until last night, I made him sit with me for an hour to reconsider all options. 

Finally, we have decided to crown the 'runner-up' on my list. Oh well, it is also a beautiful name. Just as fitting as the first for my princess. Though not as poetic, I guess. 

But this will do.

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