Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh Pink and More Pink

Sometime in mid July, Karen organized a baby shower at the Goodwood Park for Baby O, so we could all celebrate over unlimited servings of durian desserts.

Everyone was so generous with gifts for the baby girl that it is hard not to feel spoilt by their love.

I must admit I squealed with excitement repeatedly the next morning when I unwrapped the packages. She is not even born yet and she already owns so many pretty, and I mean really, really pretty outfits! I can't wait to dress her in them! :>

Two weeks later, another girlfriend delivered this lovely diaper cake!



This is the first one I've ever received. So I had to take photos of it.

Oh I LOVE pink. And princesses can never have too much pink. :D

Her first laundry was completed last weekend. Even folding and putting them away neatly into the drawer brought me much happiness. Haha!

Just days away now......

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