Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to Art Class

After more than 2 years' break, we've returned to this art class. The boys have attended 3 lessons so far and loving them.  

When M first started at this place in Jan 2009, N was still way too young for their classes. Though I really like the way the lessons were conducted and the results we saw, M only attended for a few months. Despite my encouragement and insistence, he protested a lot after a few lessons because he didn't like the fact that the teachers wanted him to draw certain themes/subject matters. But that was precisely the reason for signing him up.

I recognize how he has always been good at drawing what he likes (i.e. selected subject matters of mechanical nature with incredibly complicated details) but resistant to drawing almost any other themes. 

The objective is not to push him to draw what he doesn't like or to expect that he must be good at drawing just about anything. It is to expose him to the possibilities and encourage him to venture into the 'unknown' and 'uncertain' territories, hence improving his confidence in drawing the unfamiliar. He doesn't have to be a Picasso or Van Gogh, in fact, I harbour no such hopes nor intentions. I know he enjoys drawing and I just hope to widen his exposure and ensure he is not limiting himself and his potential. 

So I was disappointed when he refused to continue his lessons. We let him be and he continued to pursue his own drawing style at home. 

Last year, we agreed when he asked to join the art enrichment weekly lessons offered by his kindergarten for 2 terms. While he had fun, I wasn't supremely impressed with the overall progress. I especially didn't appreciate the uniformity and lack of originality I saw in the art pieces produced by his class. 

N also attended a term of art lessons this year at his kindy. But the outcome was far from promising, so we discontinued. 

I held out for further art lessons, hoping that there will be something more enriching when M enters Primary school. But so far, it has been disappointing. If there is any art curriculum for Pri 1, I'm not impressed. According to M, what they have done so far is even more basic than what many preschoolers would have already tried. Ok, to be fair, I haven't seen a single piece of work from him, and his art teacher was vague in details when I asked about the art curriculum, so I shall reserve further comments till we get the artwork back at the end of the year. 

Anyway, I've had enough of waiting. After some gentle nudging, the boys finally agreed to giving the art class a try during the June school holiday. It's a bonus that they get to go to the same class. 

The pieces from these first 3 lessons so far are amazing. 

Will upload the photos once we can resolve the current technical problems I'm facing. Having difficulty transferring photos from camera to laptop. 

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