Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Art School

The 4yo has been going to a new art school since early Jan. Thrice so far. 

Though we like the former school, they have moved to an inconvenient location. After checking out 5 other art schools, I decided this one seems to be the best.

What I like about this new place:
- the theme changes every week
- the class is of mixed age group, 
- focus on mixed media
- each lesson comprises of at least 1 drawing, 1 painting and 1 free-expression piece. First 2 pieces are theme-based and teacher guided if necessary.
- teachers are VERY nice and encouraging
- kids are urged to express instead of insisting that everyone 'must' draw the same thing or be given a template
-very open environment so I can see what kids are doing, unlike previous place which didn't even have a window to peep into
- Another big plus, it is much cheaper and at better locale than the previous school.

Some pieces from his 3rd lesson

He wanted to draw a taxi in a farm. So he included a cow and pig. At first glance, I thought they were a giraffe and a cat! But I kept that opinion to myself and praised him for his efforts. That was his first try to draw these animals on his own.

His first attempt to draw a burger, fries and cola! Makes me laugh to see the fish in his fish burger when everyone else in class drew a hamburger.  Painted with watercolours.

The theme was to draw scuba-divers and activities under the sea. He insisted on adding a Police Boat, shark and jellyfish. Not sure why there is a house in the sea though.


jenny said...


I'm looking for an art school for my 3 YO. May I know which art school this is?


Handydog said...

I want to ask u about the class and keep forgetting. I like the piece "under the sea'. Great details! I think he has a story there :)

Mummy said...


I am a silent lurker of your blog. Love it and feel inspired by your work!!

May I know which art school is Marcus going to? Would love to find out more.


Domestic Goddess said...

Hi Jenny, both the current and previous art schools all take in children from 4 yr onwards. You may want to try Global Art which I understand accepts younger kids for their foundation programme.

handydog, thanks! He did have a complicated story! LOL!

Hi BY, thanks for your encouraging words. I can't reveal names of schools that Marcus is currently attending but I can say he previously attended KinderArt. However, the quality of teachers at KA varies a lot from what I observed. So it depends where you go and who your child gets. It also depends what kind of art lessons you prefer for your kids. I have checked out over 10 places actually and found jarring differences in many schools and styles.

jenny said...

thanks for your response. Happy New Year!


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