Friday, January 23, 2009

Craft: Making a Lion Face

I laughed a lot when the boys were working on this craft. 

When I announced that we were going to make a lion that afternoon, they just couldn't wait another minute! Little Chip dropped all his toys and dashed to the red table and positioned himself like an obedient pup. 

My 4yo tried to be the cool lil dude and strolled to the table and asked me in his most polite voice, 'Mama, may I get started now please? I just can't wait any longer'. 

The boys painted the paper plates for the lion's face the day before. Once I handed all the materials to them with some verbal instructions, I stood back with my camera.


It was hilarious to watch the 4yo fold some brown strips to form curly mane and Chipsy tried to stick two whiskers on the mane. 

I didn't have to say much as they eventually corrected each other.

Now the kids want to add a body to the lion's face, so we will work on that once I can find some time.

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