Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gunsaurus Exists!

M was so amused when I showed him this picture which E found on the Internet recently.

How fascinating it must be to see that his Gunsaurus character, which he imagined and created and obsessed over a few years ago, actually exists somewhere in the cyberspace! Though after he had created his character raw from imagination, we chanced upon an image on the Internet, this one is the closest to his version. 

We used to get daily stories about Gunsaurus and how he was made etc.  But he hasn't thought of Gunsaurus for a while now, having moved on to other greater and more formidable characters. 

Nevertheless, this reminder offers a positive reinforcement to encourage daring daydreaming and fertile imagination on his part. Who knows, one day perhaps, some of his other creations may become reality and decades from now, he will be the one with the last laugh. 

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