Monday, July 20, 2009


Ever since M started creating tales about this mystical creature that lives on Satarten, which is a planet on the new galaxy - Tenway, we have been fed daily updates of this dinosaur. 

Despite our gentle persuasions that he documents his tall tales in a neat lapbook, we haven't had any success. He still prefers a daily drawing with his one liner spin to the Gunsaurus tale. As days go by, we get to know more about this fearsome, humongous reptile as he attempts to spice up his description with titbits of juicy details. It is as if he is trying to impress his audience (mainly me, his papa and little Chip). :) 

So what can I remember of this Gunsaurus? Let's see... 
- a dinosaur that has guns for arms. the guns are used to shoot aliens and nasty children
- it is made up of steel and uranium
- it likes wood crackers, which is made of tree trunks
- it is 89 metres tall and hunts polar bears whenever it visits Earth
- it likes popcorn pudding! (M's fav dish of sweetcorn pudding and he also loves popcorn, so he figures why not popcorn pudding!)
- it can spit fire like a dragon 
- it can fly as it has wings

and more.. which I can't remember now. 

Here's the skeleton of Gunsaurus. 
This is so cute. :> 

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KoLe said...

wow! he even provide another perspective to his dino!


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