Friday, July 17, 2009

First Movie: Ice Age 3

Chipsy's first movie. We figured he would be able to last through the whole movie since he loves watching Ice Age 1 and 2 so much.. 

The popcorn helped to keep him in his seat for a while. So did the squirrel's numerous appearances. But eventually, enough was enough. So E had to take him out for a few minutes before returning with more snacks. 

The boys crackled and chuckled and roared out loud throughout the film. Watching them laughing so much is simply precious. That alone, is worth every penny and the very reason why we would go to movies with them again. 


Administrator said...

ha, what a coincidence! We also watched Ice Age 3 with Nicole. Just didnt have time to upload the post...we were probably in the same cinema :)

Domesticgoddess said...

Ahhh... we still haven't gotten around to arrange for our 4 yo to meet. :P


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