Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flamingo #2

A pleasant surprise from M yesterday! 

Straight after lunch yesterday, my 4yo just sat at the dining table drawing and colouring for a full 4 hours. After I woke from my power nap, I came to the living room to find him still sitting at the table busying himself with so many drawings. He proudly showed me this and I just laughed so hard! Not laughing at it, but rather laughing from being really proud and happy that he has really learnt something from his art class. 

Well, it isn't entirely like the flamingo he drew in class last week, but the basic stuff is visible on this drawing, especially considering that he had never drawn a bird before this (I don't count those curvy Ms as birds). This goes to show that learning it in class has given him some confidence to attempt on his own, which to me, is already a great step ahead and worth every penny spent. I love how it is just so childlike and adorable! Maybe I am really biased, but I just love and love it! 

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