Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bento #17

Left: rice with nori seaweed cut into squares, oven baked chicken nuggets, panfried prawns with carrot strips and steamed broccoli. 

Right: apples, steamed corn, half avocado and a cheese cube.

Not shown: a pack of 180ml Smoo milk.

I like the look of this bento and so does Marcus. As usual, he finished everything in the box. I was curious so had to ask him what did his friends have in their lunch boxes, and he went 'oh, some funny looking sweets and bread, and so-and-so had noodles.' When I asked if their lunches looked nicer than his, he immediately assured me 'no mummy, my lunch is always very pretty and very, very, very nice'. So that pleases me a lot!

I used the 800ml Lock n Lock box for this bento and the contents were filled up to the brim. Since Marcus could finish all the food, plus his pack of milk, it just means his appetite has indeed grown a lot recently. Or perhaps the presentation encourages him to eat more, since there is so much variety!

Whenever I have a little time, I like to visualise the different bentos that I could make and now I have quite a bit of inspiration and ideas which I can't wait to try out! 

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