Wednesday, October 15, 2008

His Wallace & Gromit

After watching the Wallace & Gromit video for umpteen times, M asked daddy to draw him a picture of Wallace and E copied it from the book we have. Not a bad sketch considering it was done in under 5 min!

Then the cheeky boy sketched this after staring at Papa's Wallace for a while! 

We thought it was brilliant for his first attempt. There is even a certain comic sense in the drawing, perhaps because the proportion is largely inappropriate which makes the character looks comical. Compare his illustration with how Wallace really looks like here

He seems to be able to replicate his own drawings with ease as we watched him repeatedly drawing more Wallaces everyday and they all look very similar.

Seeing how E and I laugh and praise him everytime he produces a piece must have given him more confidence to venture into drawing the next famous character - Gromit. But instead of the sweet and loyal, good old Gromit, he decided that Gromit should take on the evil characteristics of Preston, the robotic dog in 'A Close Shave' which was the nasty baddie. 

So here is his interpretation and illustration of the Big Bad Gromit. 


monlim said...

Your son has a real talent! Must cultivate :)

Domestic Goddess said...

Thanks! I thought so too. He definitely can draw way better than me!

Lilian said...

Marcus really draws very well! There's definitely talent there.


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