Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wallace & Gromit

This is M's current favourite which he called the Cartoon Dog. He was given "The curse of the were-rabbit" as a present from Aunt Heidi recently and has been asking to watch it everyday. Personally, I find the animation annoying sometimes though there are some funny moments. But he likes it so much and I don't know why. E bought him the Wallace & Gromit Annual 2009 book last weekend and he has been reading it on his own in bed. I reasoned there is a certain amount of value in watching this animation since it sparks an interest in more reading of different topics, other than those related to vehicles.

We don't subscribe to the Disney Playhouse channel on purpose and he doesn't know about the other cartoon or kids programmes channels on TV either. So whenever M wants to watch TV, he only asks to watch the programmes which we bought on DVD. That way, we have control over what he watches (most times anyway) though he does watch some movies with us. We do introduce the kids to the National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery or Travel & Living programmes at times since they can be very educational and interesting, but usually they don't sustain the boys' attention for long. 

M decided that he is too old for Hi5 now, so he rather not watch it. He likes Tom & Jerry cartoon too much though and will gladly sacrifice play time for that. Again, this isn't my choice of educational TV though it is great recreation for him, so we relent at times when he asks very politely. 

Well, E and I watched plenty of TV when we were growing up and like E said, he thinks he is a very smart person. As long as we ensure he is watching appropriate programmes and there are other avenues of learning, the kids will grow up fine. 

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