Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bento #3 and #4

I couldn't resist making more carrot flowers after Marcus' warm reception, so I made a whole bunch of them. Took a few more minutes but the aesthetic appeal is worth it. Chipsy got all excited seeing them though he still won't eat more than a piece, but nevertheless, a good start.

Bento #3: For lunch at school this week. 

Main dish was braised groundnuts with tofu, accompanied with brown rice to achieve complete vegetarian protein combo. Steamed carrot flowers with french beans and baby corn placed on top of main dish. Heart shaped Peckham pears, mashmallow and some wheel biscuits. 


First attempt at the "garden look". :D 
He loves the main dish, especially the groundnuts. Left behind a piece of pear as he was full up. 

Bento #4: Weekday dinner

First attempt to make a bunny. Didn't have any other suitable ingredients for the face, so made do with edamame and asparagus. 

White bunny made with sushi rice, on a bed of stir-fried chicken, cabbage, asparagus and corn. Half avocado and sticks of edamame for sides. An Oreo as sweets.

This bento made all my 3 boys laugh. Marcus resisted eating the rice at first as he thought it odd to eat a "bunny face" but later ate it all up anyway and asked for milk to dip his Oreo in. 

Shall try again soon to make a better bunny face.   

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