Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bento craze!

I have gone completely nuts over bento art! I can't stop surfing to look at all the incredible bento creations on the Internet. Almost all my free time is now spent browsing at food that are too pretty or cute to eat. :)  Even Marcus laughs at many of them, which to me, is the whole point. Yeah, I am the kind of mother who will spend the time and effort to make cute and pretty bento just to get a laugh out of my kids. So already I have mentally noted a few designs that I intend to try out and I am so looking forward to seeing the boys squealing with excitement as they open their lunch boxes and see the cuties peeping at them.  

Few days ago, we bought a new lunch box which has a separate compartment for accompanying cutlery and also a new car-shaped Bob the Builder plate for Marcus. I served his lunch on the new plate the following day and he laughed when he saw the food and insisted on eating his lunch immediately. The effect was amazing! 

Lunch: Jacket potato with avocado and prawns, carrots, baby corn, half egg, grapes and heart-shaped Peckham pear. He loves the heart shapes!

Nicholas' food was served in the new lunch box and the novelty worked superbly too. The tot ran towards me and kept shouting "Eat this! Eat this now!"

Today, I was really rushed at lunch, so I just served the kids' lunches on a regular plate. Both boys looked at the food and complained loudly! Marcus grumbled that he didn't like the plate, he wanted a lunch box and where are his snacks and all the pretty things! So I fixed Marcus a mini snack after lunch to appease him. The splash of colours and novelty worked fabulously as he munched happily on the nuts, crackers and cheese.

Nicholas couldn't complain the same way with the lack of language skills, so he protested by pointing to the kitchen while repeating "Box! Not this! Box!".  He did eat his lunch in the end and forgot about a fancy box by the time he was done. 

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