Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bento #5

We were invited to a BBQ yesterday afternoon, so I packed 2 lunch boxes for the boys. 

For Marcus

Organic teddy bear pasta cooked in stock, with corn and carrots. Half boiled egg, one chicken nugget and half avocado. 3 organic cheese Mouse shaped biscuits on some cashew nuts and a mashmallow.

For Nicholas

Nicholas had the same food except the nugget and avocado was cut up for easy feeding and no sweet, nuts and biscuits. 

The bento created a big commotion at the BBQ as the ladies gathered to woo and ahh over the food presentation which embarrassed Marcus slightly. Haha! 


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Nice! And pretty healthy and balanced too. Where do you find the time to do it???


Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Cute pasta.

Contentedmom said... are the most noble mom..hatsoff you....i would love to eat all those bento lunches too...and the fact that you still have to manage the boys cum household...i dont know how you can do it..dont know what else i can!!wow!!!!...yes. pls tell us how you can do it!! cheers

Contentedmom said...

hi..i was just reading some of your older posts about have a genuis at hand!...would you attribute some of his achievements to shichida?...i mean, i have not sent nicole to any of such lessons as i wasnt sure of its benefits after hearing some so so feedback from parents......cheers

Domestic Goddess said...

Val, it doesn't take much time really to make the bento but some planning required as to what to prepare and how to present the food. Of course having all the bento accessories at hand is essential to create a pretty bento.:)

Contentedmom, thanks! You are making me blush! On a daily basis, I remind myself to do my best. :) As for shichida, I do believe in the system. More details in my older posts. But Marcus only attended 1 term, so I don't think it has much effect on him. I think it has a lot to do with how we nurture him since young, plus whatever qualities that are innate of him.

Contentedmom said...

i think so a chinese saying goes " 70% is pre determined and 30% is by hardwork". Do you have to put in much effort to get Marcus to do his work?...I need to coax and bribe just to get nicole to read a book. sigh....she prefers to do maths...

Domestic Goddess said...

Marcus is very self-motivated when it comes to things which interest him, like Lego, reading and drawing etc.. so we never ever have to coax him to do those. We don't do much (in fact nothing!) in other areas unless he is keen. Once he shows interest, we optimize learning opportunities. Else, we just leave it. He will learn in time. :)

KoLe said...

and so healthy too!
another supermum :)


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