Sunday, October 12, 2008

Flamingo #1

The moment I looked at this, I knew the teacher drew parts of it, as some lines are too black and strong. I know that M will not be able to draw such black and thick lines unless he was using a marker, which he wasn't.

So I had to ask her and also confirmed with M later which lines were his and what parts did the teacher contributed. Well, she openly said she drew 'this' and 'that' of the flamingo and let the kids drew the rest according to her step-by-step instructions. But depending on the kids' skills, she will then decide how much more help they require. 

In M's case, she drew the "2" and he drew in the rest and once we got home, I asked M again and he confirmed what the teacher said. He definitely painted/coloured it himself though as his 'style' is very visible in every part of his piece.  

The boys in class all had yellow flamingoes and the girls had pink ones. So I guessed it right that the teacher chose the colours for them so the kids can just concentrate on the drawing and painting. 

I asked him last night of all the 3 drawings, which did he enjoy drawing/painting the most. He paused for a thoughtful second and whispered 'The octopus, because it was lots of fun!'. 

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