Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Art Class and the Octopus

I can't stop smiling today to see how much M enjoys his very first art class. 

Since my post about this topic few weeks ago, I have been scouting around for a while for an art school/class for him. He has never been to any art classes before, so there is really no comparison. I just spoke to some parents and also the co-ordinators of the various places I found and checked out their websites on the focus and approach before deciding on this one. 

What appeal to me are the small class size (only 5 kids to a teacher) which allows for very personalised attention, small age range of between 4 and 6, proximity from our residence and only an hour long. I am reluctant to send him to anything longer at least for now. 

I have always been hesitant to send him to classes unless I deem they are absolutely beneficial and unique. Like I mentioned in my previous posts before, the content, delivery and quality of most classes aren't great and there are times when I think that I am a much better teacher. But there are areas which I rather outsource, like art and music. Though E is a very competent guitar player and most likely able to teach the boys, he simply doesn't have the time. At least for now, we don't have to worry about that since M shows absolutely no interest in playing any instrument though he tells us he really loves listening to classical music. 

So today, I can't be more pleased when he happily sat down in class after the teacher made her introduction. I was initially prepared for some sort of coaxing, but none required! So I left for a coffee break and came back an hour later to find him smiling brightly. It is apparent that he had fun as he proudly showed me his masterpiece. 

He is keen to return to the class next week so I will be signing him up for the term. Already, I can't wait to add to the current growing art collection of my budding artist. 

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ling said...

oh that is GORGEOUS!!


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