Friday, September 5, 2008

Art school

After a chat with a mother at the playground a few weeks ago, I decided to sound M out on his interest level to attend some art lessons at a centre nearby. I haven't even checked out the place but I figured it is more important to gauge his interest level first. He wasn't a wee bit keen about going to any lessons as he viewed going to his daily school as taking up too much time away from his toys. So I didn't press further. 

Recently he has been telling me about how he is discouraged from drawing at school and he is apparently upset about it. His teachers merely wanted him to spend more time doing the other "work" which we think is only right too, since he can always draw at home. Explained and explained it to death to him and finally he accepted and now is more co-operative in school. 

I brought up the idea of attending an art school to do more drawing and now that idea sticks! He has been asking me to take him to his art school. But now the catch is, he wants no teachers! Huh? 

Anyway, I found something and will take him in for a trial this month. After a long chat, he finally understands that there will be teachers in any schools he is going to attend and the reason teachers are there.

I am very excited about the prospects of him learning some proper techniques and drawing and painting using different medium. 

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