Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bento #14 - Triple decker bus bento

Marcus asked for a triple decker bus bento this week, so that was what he got! 

Right: Triple decker bus carrot with nori as wheels and door on a bed of sushi rice, a prawn/chicken steamed siew mai, endamame and a cheese cube. 

Left: A large homemade sweet potato and tuna vegetable croquette (see here for recipe), cut into 2 halves and 2 organic cheese Mouse shaped biscuits. 

He told me later that he ate the carrot first and loved the sweet potato croquette. But why aren't the wheels of the bus round? Haha! I cut that by hand and just couldn't cut a good circle! It was a rather big and filling lunch as I used the 800ml Lock n Lock box, but he ate all up except for a bite of the siew mai. 

The bento is a bit too brown for my liking since the croquette took up so much space. But I am really pleased with the bus.


Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Nice idea!
Bus looks cool!

Contentedmom said...

A bento of love! Lucky are really into "kiddie fine dining"...:)

Domestic Goddess said...

Thanks! It is indeed a bento of love! Whatever that makes my sweetheart laugh.


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