Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweet Potato and Tuna Croquette

I made just a handful of these rather quickly to pack into Marcus' bento last week since I had quite a few good looking Japanese sweet potato. There are many variants to this recipe but this was how I made mine last week.

1 large Jap sweet potato, cubed 
3 tablespoons of canned tuna (I used canned tuna in olive oil but drained)
half a small carrot cubed
breadcrumbs or panko (I didn't measure quantity, just sufficient for coating)

1. Boil or steam sweet potato and mash it when cooked. Place in fridge for at least 2 hrs to firm up the mash. 
2. Boil or steam the cubed carrot. Mix with the canned tuna and set aside. 
3. When the mash is cold and firm, start preparing the croquette. Place a large piece of cling wrap on hand and scoop a tablespoon of mash onto the cling wrap, flatten into a disc. Scoop desirable filling (can be tuna, mince meat, vegetable etc) onto the middle of the disc and scoop more mash potato to cover. Shape the croquette by molding the cling wrap in your palm until you get your desirable shape.
4. Place the croquette in the dish of beaten egg, making sure it is well coated with the egg which is essential to help the panko sticks to the croquette.
5. Generously coat the croquette with breadcrumbs or panko and fry in hot pan for a few minutes till the surface turns golden brown. Then it is ready!

Above was my lunch which I had with some chili sauce and a light salad. Chipsy had his as snack but he wasn't fond of it. 

He is generally not fond of any breadcrumbs or coating and would reject even the best fish & chips in town (on the rare occasion when we did offer him). He simply prefers his sweet potato baked, fried, boiled or steamed. Just not breadcrumbed.


Anonymous said...

got to say i'm inspired by your bento creations. i tried making for my son too.

Domestic Goddess said...

Thanks Anonymous! It is nice to know that you find my humble creations interesting. :) Do drop by often to check out on my weekly additions.

3lilangels said...

Oh.. that's a good idea, using sweet potato instead. Sounds yum!

Domestic Goddess said...

hi 3lilangels, it is delicious! A sweet croquette is always a nice addition to a bento.


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