Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All into soups!

For a few consecutive days last week, the boys were so into soups that they had homemade chicken soup, pork bone soup and vegetable soups for lunches and dinners. 

The picture above showed what Marcus had for lunch one day and Chipsy had simliar, but half of this quantity. They both slurped up the soup and Chipsy kept shouting 'soup! more soup!' faster than I could feed him. The pork bone soup was cooked for 3 hours using soft pork bones, sweet corn, carrots, onion, garlic and a few Chinese wolfberries. When the soup was cooked, I basically added cooked brown rice after scooping out the soup and veg/pork for each boy and let the rice sit with the soup for a while to 'soak' up more soup, but not enough to become mushy and turn into porridge!

Such easy option for lunch on a busy weekday and yet so chock full of natural goodness! 

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