Friday, May 25, 2007

Story, Drawing,

Read Marcus a not very exciting Big Bear story before bedtime last night and cuddled him after while trying to get him to talk to me about school or anything at all. He was so cute with his smiles and little dimples and all and I just can't stop admiring him. This big (at that instant he did look really big) boy who was once a tiny bundle. 

Then he told me a story about a Big Cat which took a bus to got to school to see teacher Nazia whom he is very fond of and teacher Nazia likes the Big Cat too. And there is a Big Dog somewhere in the storyline but now I can't remember what the dog does. After every sentence, he would let out a giggle and showed off his small dimples at each side of his mouth and he was very tickled by his story himself. Aww.. I must cherish such moments before he becomes too big and won't do it with me anymore.

Before he went into class this morning, I encouraged him to go in and draw papa a bus but he said 'no, draw a small single decker bus on top of a small double decker bus' and I asked him if there is a cat somewhere in the drawing, he said 'no, cat is inside'. Haha! Marcus has been drawing lots of buses and taxis lately and some of them look really good, complete with the wheels and windows! Every Friday, his school will pass them a folder in their name which consists of all the paper work they did for that week and this being the first time he brought back his folder, it has a substantial amount of paintings, drawings and collages which he did since he started school. What a precious little collection..

I just realise how Marcus' favourite pastime has changed over the past months. He was really fond of Lego for a few months and could build such impressive buildings. Then he moved on to puzzles and could even do the 36 pieces Infantino Alphabet and Occupation puzzle on his own. So we got him the 56 pieces Giant Farm floor puzzle which he worked on daily for a month and could complete with some help. He has indeed come a long way from the time he started his first 2 and 4 pieces puzzle at 18 months. After he got bored with puzzles, he went on to playdoh and now he seems to be done with playdoh and shifted his interest back to drawing.

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