Sunday, May 27, 2007

Seoul, Pony & Muscial, Shichida

Can't wait to go to Seoul on Tuesday but my nasty cough is threatening to return. There goes any hope of eating spicy food at every meal for next few days. Last night, I suddenly thought of the possibility of any mishaps during the trip and should both E and I were to perish, our boys would become orphans. So we have to make our wishes known to grannies. We definitely wish for the boys to be looked after by grannies and preferably in Singapore so that they can be near to the extended families. Also Singapore is definitely a better place to raise children given that it is safer, has better pre-tiertiary education system and generally a nicer society since we don't have to deal with racism and being treated as second-class citizens and the better quality of life here.

Took M to his first musical, the Little Red Hen on Saturday at the Alliance Francias. He was attentive most of the time but he didn't seem to enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Asked him questions about the musical afterwards, he didn't bother to reply me most of the time. Went to a pony riding party, also his first, at the Singapore Polo Club after SM class on Sunday and he had such fun riding pony. Went for his first round and asked to go again after, but halfway through his second round, the pony suddenly got excited/scared by the loud music in the background and poor M was quite shaken by how the pony jumped. Luckily E was there next to him, holding on to him, otherwise he could have fallen off.

E has been taking M to SM class for past 3 weeks and I must say the bonding between the boys is really excellent. Has to have something to do with it since according to E, M is really good with the ESP segment. When he went with me the first few lessons, he didn't do that well at ESP. Sigh. And he did really well today for all the segments and was really enjoying every activity. He even shouted 'teacher I've done it' whenever he finished an activity. Haha!

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