Saturday, April 7, 2007

Building with Lego

On his 1st birthday, Marcus got a box of Lego Quatro blocks from Zann & Karen. In the beginning, he was only interested in piling them on top of the chest of drawers in his room (then) and dumping them back into the box. That was how he first played with the Lego blocks for about 3-5 months. Then he started stacking up the same size/shape and colour blocks upright before proceeding to making vertical buildings with different colours. Now his buildings have become very sophisticated skyscrapers, complete with carparks and tunnels.

Marcus getting some help from Uncle Peter in Jan 2006 (16 months)

Marcus in Aug 2006 (23 months)

Marcus posing with his award-winning building in Jan 2007 (28 months). Entirely his work and creativity!

Marcus working on his fire station. Feb 2007 (29 months)

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