Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baby N drives, waves and chases!

It is amazing how just one day of antibiotics for N and he is already back to his smiling self. He is especially clingy to me these days, would cry his heart out whenever he sees me, wanting to be carried. Breaks my heart to see him so I usually give in. He doesn't enjoy sitting in playpen at all, unlike M who used to play on his own a lot while I sat at the side talking to him. He loves his walker though and would explore the rooms non stop, pulling a lot of M's toys and chasing his snail and ball. I realise recently how much N loves driving. He laughed a lot when grandpa put him behind a wheel on a ride recently and instantly his two tiny hands were on the steering wheel steering away. Very pro looking with a gigantic smile. Someone told me recently that every man dreams of owning a Ferrari, though I beg to differ really. But it does seem like all boys loves steering and driving.

After his 2.5 weeks of cold, N's appetite still hasn't returned with a vengence. He didn't gain any weight in past 3 weeks either, though he still weighs more than M at 7.5mths of age. 

He started waving 'bye bye' 2 weeks ago. Should really teach him how to clap and blow kisses, but I haven't had that much time with him these days as we want grannies to spend more time with the boys before we leave for our trip tomorrow since grannies must know the boys very well to look after their every needs for the next 4 days. 

N has been "talking" so much more these days, making a lot of "dededede", 'dadadada' and "ahh aah" sounds and would respond to whatever that we say with his "sentences" which make up of over 10 syllabus. Even M remarked earlier that "baby brother can talk". It would be hilarious if N's first word is 'car' or 'bus' after hearing Marcus says it a million times a day. Whenever N holds a car/bus that belongs to Marcus, he would utter lots, and sometimes while looking at us, as if to tell us something about the toy.

He will chase anyone who has food in our hands if he is in his walker. So funny to watch how he moves his mouth and lick his lips whenever he sees anyone of us eating.

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