Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Antibiotics, bus crashes, porridge

The much dreaded antibiotics finally made it into my boys' tummies. I kept reminding myself that M was not sick for his first 12 months, so I feel especially sorry for lil N who has already been sick twice before and this time being the third, in his brief 7.5 months life so far. It just seems incredibly unfair for a tiny baby to have to suffer so much, though I know I have greatly exaggerated his suffering, as compared to millions of other suffering children out there. But which mother will not feel sorry for their little ones when you have to administer so much medicine into their tiny mouths a few times a day. 

After 2 weeks and 2 days of on-off fever and runny nose, I gave up and took him in again, for third time, to see the damned PD (I swear we are changing PD after this round of sickness). I know he will be given blood test to confirm for bacteria infection and antibiotics if any is found. I just can't get over the fact that he needs to take any antibiotics at such young age. Oh well, there is mild, very very mild bacteria infection as the PD said, looking at the report, in fact, he can't even be sure if it is viral or bacteria (if whatever that he mumbles to himself is what I heard) but when I asked him again, he just said to take the antibiotics and he should get better in 3 days, if not go back to see him. 

I wanted to scream at him when he said that. N HAS TO GET BETTER, bloody hell! Of course I didn't let that out of mouth. Useless doctor. I blame him and the world for the sickness that my baby has, justified or not, I don't care. 

My cough is getting better, very slowly and it annoys me a great deal. Whatever comfort I get from seeing M being chirpy and well now helps a little but I just can't help but worry if M will catch something from me or N if we don't get well soon enough. M had his first antibiotics last week too, without a blood test. I don't know why I agreed to it without a blood test, I think all the stress accumulated over the week from my sleep deprivation and cough and watching my tiny babies suffer fried my brain somewhat. I just wasn't as sharp as I should be. Anyway he did recover on day 2 of taking antibiotics. Brave lil boy who screamed his head off, covered his mouth and fought 4 adults who held on to every limb and all other parts of his strong lean body while forcing the bitter antibiotics down his throat, eventually agreed to take it in his big bottle of milk for subsequent days. I consoled myself that I grew up with numerous courses of antibiotics since our GPs back then prescribed it easily even for viral cold and I am fine. So a course each now will not weaken them that much more.

Bus Crashes
M seems especially fond of bus crashes lately. Must be some TV images he saw which gives him the idea. He has been reenacting similar scenes with his buses/taxi and cars piling up on top of each other or laying awkwardly in all sorts of "crash" positions. His favourite being the "upside down" and he would ask me smilingly "mama, what happen to the bus?' Very cute to watch how he could spend hours playing like this. Is this creativity or the lack of it? I really can't say.

Cooked N his first bowl of brown rice porridge with the slow cooker yesterday and he really wasn't fond of it. Ate 3 teaspoons and was done. Being first try of porridge and he was so used to the milky taste of his cereals must have made the porridge tasted especially bland. I guess his poor appetite didn't help either. I polished off the rest as attempt to console myself that all the goodness is not wasted, but I really doubt there is much left. I really doubt that porridge is that much healthier, except for the fact that I use organic whole grains. How can there be much nutrients left if we have to cook whatever there is for over 45 min??!! Much easier to batch cook the 'ang moh' style babyfood which I used to make for M since he never had any liking for chinese style porridge and still hates it. I must admit I am not fan of it either, but I tell myself I should try for a while for N to see if he will become a fan of the super porridge as Ruth Yaron (author of SBF) calls it. What appeals to me is the term 'super porridge' as it implies that if my baby loves super porridge, his immune system and health will be transformed into a super status. I still haven't introduced enough new tastes to N and I am not as excited about weaning as I was before with M. Also, I was so patient before, giving M up to 10 tries to like/hate the new taste, and with N I find it trying to try again. Nope, baby deserves the best, whether he is #1 or #2. Gotta try harder at weaning. Hopefully he gets well in a few days, I shall make a list of the new food to introduce in June.

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