Friday, December 30, 2016

School Holidays 2016

Photo taken in Dec 2014 

The school holiday is finally coming to an end.

All that the boys did was catching up with all their toys, books and gadgets which they missed terribly during the exam periods. Besides a few play dates and pool visits, they attended a 4-sessions art class which I signed them up for despite their protest. They were so reluctant to leave the house for any activity that would take their time away from their books and games, that I decided one day I had to take charge to add variety to their routine. As expected, they did enjoy the learning process more than they thought they would.

The dolly had a few play dates and museum visits. Though she was mostly happy pottering around the house, she missed her classmates more than anything.

During the year when M (and I) were busy preparing him for the PSLE, we were so looking forward to the end of PSLE so he could have his well-deserved 3 months break.

At first, it was great to see him relaxing and finally feasting his eyes on books after books and endless hours of gaming. But after a few weeks, it drove me nuts that that was ALL that he did. E taught him some programming and he resumed some guitar playing. After the long, long break, I bet his brain has turned to mush!

The highlights for the boys must be their Legoland visit with E. Lots of papa and boys bonding and they returned home browner than ever, armed with big smiles and MORE giant boxes of Lego! Sigh..... If kiddos could own over 20 Lego sets, surely it is not over the top for me to own as many pairs of shoes!!!

For the first time in their Primary school years, my boys are not looking forward to the end of school holidays. I attributed this to the fact that they have spent way too much time on gaming this holiday. Tsk tsk tsk...

Anyway, when school term begins, the house rules must return.

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