Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mad Love for Kiioritori

I cannot remember how it all got started but some time last year, the Dolly began to find chicks super cute. As usual, the doting papa paid attention to such cues and went hunting for presents to surprise his princess.

On a business trip to Japan, he found a Kiioritori plush toy.

Everyone at home fell MADLY in love with this egg-yolk yellow, two-haired chick. Including me! All my life, I have never cared much for soft toys. But this chick is an exception.

The Dolly brought her little chick everywhere with her in the house.

The moment she gets home from school, she seeks the chick immediately after she comes out of shower. She would bring the chick into the shower if we had agreed!

The chick sits by the table to watch her when she draws or reads.  And the chick sits near the dining table during every family meal time because we did not allow the chick to sit next to her plate.

The chick goes to bed with her, with the yellow 'ball' sleeping in the nook of her neck. Even in the middle of the night, when she crawls into my bed, she never fails to bring her chick along. Haha!

The Dolly loves this chick so much that she drew hundreds of pictures of her chicky.

The papa and gal decided to glue a few on an A4 paper. This is now on the wall, in front of her work desk in the study, so she can look at it as she does her 'work' (i.e. more drawings!)

The boys often joked that it was unfair that Dolly had such a cute chick. They would give it a sniff at bedtime, before letting out a 'ooooo, Chicky is soooo cute!'

Last Christmas, as usual, Santa delivered many packages on Christmas Eve. Among them were two messily-wrapped packages. Judging by the shapes, the boys quickly guessed the contents and the packages were unwrapped with plenty of laughter.

In my opinion, these were some of the best presents of the decades! Highly anticipated, yet cheap and will be loved and cuddled daily for years.

Now, the Chicky family lives with us... happily ever after!

Please meet Chicky and his brothers, Chicky-O and Chicky-Big!

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