Friday, September 2, 2016

Do Names Have Meanings?

Last week, the Dolly asked me on the way to school, if 'Joy' could really be a girl's name. She was puzzled why parents would choose a name such as 'Joy' for their kids.

I explained the typical reasons parents would pick one name over another, and when it comes to names such as 'Joy', it could be because the parents wish their child would grow up to be always happy.

I suggested other names such as 'Hope', 'Faith', 'Grace' etc... for her to consider and also included more unexpected names such as 'Apple', 'May', 'June' and 'Candy' etc...  We had a little laugh when she exclaimed with bewilderment that parents would pick months of the year and fruits and sweets as baby's names.

She pondered for a moment before asking 'What does my name mean?' Does your name have meanings too? What about boys' names?'

Without hesitation, I told her I once read that her name meant 'peace or a tree'. She was upset that I would want her to 'be a tree' or 'look like a tree'. Haha!

Then I reminded her of a character in one of her books....

'Why did you name me after a Pig?!!!" She was really, really upset by then.  Hahaha!

After some pacifying, I got her to believe that I have always loved her name and the moment we knew the gender of the little baby in my belly, we knew this would be the perfect name. After some more cuddling and kisses, she was fully convinced and satisfied that it is a gorgeous name for an even more gorgeous little girl.


Rose World said...

Awww. Lovely conversation with your girl. I remember that my kids asked me before on their names. They were curious why their names, not other.

Domesticgoddess said...

Rose World, thanks. Such conversations are so precious! :>


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