Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Raising Bookworms

Some friends and parents I met at the kindergarten asked me recently on the kind of books we encourage or allow our kids to read.


Our bookworms read a wide variety of books. From short stories to 700-pages novels, comics (or graphic novels if you prefer) to joke books, we have them all.

Even for the Dolly, who can now read wordy pages, she still finds a great deal of enjoyment from reading picture books meant for 2-4 years old.

My 10-year-old Chippy can also be spotted flipping through longer picture books meant for 4-8 years old when he potters around the house.

We tend to buy more than borrow, simply because time is scarce so we rarely made it to the libraries. Since we have three kids, and they like to read the books repeatedly, we figured it is worthwhile investing in the good books anyway.

The one thing that I like to do more is to get the older kids to read newspapers and magazines. I used to subscribe to the Straits Times and magazines on Science and Technology for a while. Perhaps it is time to resume.


Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog religiously from the time my first child was born in 2010. Glad to see that you are writing more frequently these days! My child will be starting P1 next year. Can you share some tips on how to prepare kids to tackle Science in school?



Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Su, thanks for your comment! It is always great to hear from my readers.

In my opinion, Primary 3/4 Science curriculum is very straightforward to learn and score in exams, as long as the kids are armed with a comprehensive guide book. Unless the school provides sufficient content and practices, you may need one or two assessment books to help the child identify his learning gaps. There are plenty of choices in Popular bookstore. You may have read my previous posts on my views of using assessment books.

Hope this helps!


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