Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tutti Frutti

For years, I would lament to friends of my inability to interest my boys to eat beyond the same two or three fruits.

Finally, I can stop saying that.

After 7 years of faithfully eating just apples, pears, grapes, avocadoes and bananas, M is finally adventurous enough to snack on new fruits and even drink orange juice at breakfast. Hah!

One fine day, M just decided, out of the blue, that he would accept my offer to try a piece of pineapple. Now he loves it enough to ask for it frequently. His latest favourite is watermelon, so of course I have to celebrate by buying a giant piece from Cold Storage every alternate day. 

Unfortunately, Chip is not getting that much better, including only grapes and kiwi to his pathetically short list after all these years. Umm... my 6-year-old eats only 4 types of fruits (if I exclude tomato and pumpkin). No amount of coercion or education (all the health talk and reasoning) or sweet talk could move the boy enough to take a nibble. I stop short of bribing him with chocolate, even though I know it will work, for it just doesn't seem a reasonable tactic.

For now, I shall just persevere with my offerings and remain optimistic that he will, on one fine day, be 'enlightened' just as M did.

The true 'tutti frutti' as I like to call her, is the baby, who just can't have enough of fruits. She eats plenty of watermelon, grapes, cherry, strawberry, pear, banana, avocado, apple and even the tart raspberries every week. It is just so easy to feed her 5 types of fruits a day. My dream baby indeed. :>

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