Monday, October 29, 2012

To Conquer

Nearly the end of the school year. It is the time of the year when I take stock and reflect. 

I am rather pleased with the full year, though like always, there are things that I wish we could have done more, and better. But given the circumstances, I like to think that we have done well enough. You win some; you lose some. Such is life, as the wise hubby always says. 

But that nagging feeling remains.

Though I expect my days to be more hectic from next year on with both boys in primary school, I can't help but feel bored. 

On one hand, I am so looking forward to see how M will enjoy and thrive in his Primary 3 curriculum (finally, he will have Science lessons! Yeah!).  And of course, I am excited about little Chip going to big school, taking up CCA and picking up new skills etc. I am also looking forward to helping them overcome their academic challenges and to just learn with them. Yet, I can't ignore my restlessness. The same old familiar feeling. The adrenalin is building but I can't decide where to channel this energy. 

Perhaps I need a different kind of challenge from the daily busyness.

Time for a new project. Something stimulating. A 'mountain' to conquer! 

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