Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Maybe. Here We Go Again...

As I was looking at little kids crossing the road on their way to the various kindergartens nearby, I reminded myself once again that my little Bunny shall not be enrolled for school for at least another 2 years.

She is definitely too young for daily school next year. But I can enrol her for Jan 2014 intake if I wish though she will only be 2 yr 4 months then. Just the thought of her going to daily school at that age makes me cringe.

So nope, she will not be going that year too. I am going to keep her home till 2015 or maybe even later. She will learn plenty and blossom at home anyway. I am most certain she will learn more from me than going to daily school.

But of course, being the sole caregiver of the kids, I also recognize an advantage of her being in school for a couple of hours each day. It will give me a break. The much-needed break.

In 2015, I will also need more time and energy for the boys since one will be in Pri 3 and the other in Pri 5. Well, unless there are drastic changes to the PSLE by then, I imagine these will still remain pretty crucial years that require me to be hands-on.

Then out of the blue, a little thought came to mind. I suppose I was inspired when the little Bunny surprised me yet again with how much and how fast she learns. Perhaps, just perhaps, I will homeschool her. Till the last 6 months of Kindy 2, just so she will have time to get used to being in a classroom and school environment before going to big school.

The deciding factor is if I can organize my schedule well enough to still have time to recharge my battery and be involved with the boys' schoolwork.

The more I ponder the subject, the more do-able the idea seems ..... or maybe I should say, the more enthusiastic I get. Perhaps because I know this shall be the last chance to homeschool any of my kids, if I were to ever do it. Hmm...

I asked the brothers for their opinion. They got so excited for her. You mean she only needs to go to Mama-school? Wow... They volunteered to teach her this and that... though I must say, they will certainly have roles to play. :>

Well, nothing is cast in stone yet. And anyway, I don't have to decide for another 18 months which of course will pass in a jiffy.

It's the dad, I think, who will question the idea. He is old-school. I expect he won't be convinced of my reasons to homeschool her. Why bother? Go enjoy your me-time while the girl mingles with little friends. Never mind if she learns nothing more.

When the time comes, I am most certain he will dangle carrots in my face, just so I will enroll his princess in the best kindy down the road.

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