Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Talent? What talent?

A few weeks ago, I was at the Primary school filling in the forms as part of the administrative exercise to enroll Chip.

In one of the forms, I was asked to write something to describe my boy.

Uh.... for a long moment, I hesitated. What should I write that wouldn't come off as too corny or boastful? I am not certain, but I suppose the purpose of this question is for the teachers to know something about the kids so I don't think telling them that my boy is sweet, loves his sister, likes chocolate and play with his brother etc.. will be of any interest to them.

In the end, I think I only wrote one or two words, which I can't even remember now. Maybe 'cheeky' or 'expressive'... or maybe not. Bah.

The next question was even harder.

I had to list all of my boy's achievements and talents. Oops.

Um.. sorry my boy, what could I list? We didn't sign you up for any competitions or contests. For everything that you ever participated in, we always said it was too leh-chey (troublesome) to go for competitions if we have to submit any application forms or ferry you in a car (or cab).

So you spent a lot of time at home playing Lego, drawing or reading or just hanging out with your brother.

That reminded me of the same feeling I had, 2 years before, sitting in the same room, looking at the same form, when I was there doing the same exercise for M. Urgh.

So in the end, I left it blank. I glanced around the room and saw some mums busily making lists on their papers. Oops.

Ok, I don't mean it really. Only in jest.

We know he is talented and that is enough. We don't believe in prepping the kids for exams or competitions in swimming or art or music just to get some medals or even to progress the levels. Hence,  it may look like there is nothing to show for. But as long as they pick up the skills we wanted them to, it is good enough for us.

And I must admit it is a lot easier to just write whatever I like and feel about my boys on my blog than it is to fill in a form.

(On hindsight, I just realize I could have mentioned he is a blue belt in taekwondo. Oh, it is a big deal.. Hah. )

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