Monday, November 19, 2012


To him, getting into the top class should come with a happy result. It should mean he can still remain classmates with his best friend.

The boy was very hopeful for nearly two weeks until the last day of school during the Primary 3 Orientation, when he realized with great dismay that they will be separated. 

Unfortunately, there will be more than one High Ability classes next year and despite both acing all subjects, they will no longer be classmates, at least for next year. 

It was a blow, I could tell. He tried to hide his disappointment. But through his wet eyes and trembling lips when he looked at me, I could tell his heart must ache. 

Of course I felt sorry for him. And I did what a mother should do, to hug and console him. And to cheer him up and promise him that he will make new friends who will be as much fun.

Such separation is just a part of life and this mini-lesson is one that my sentimental boy has to learn. 

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