Friday, October 19, 2012

Exam Fever

For the whole of Primary 1 and 2, M had only a few mastery tests for Maths and Chinese and none for English.

No dates were given in advance, so one could not really stress the kids to prepare for them. Consistent revision is key to doing well, though we have been told by school that the mastery test results will not be taken into account at all, since there is also no streaming of any sort until the end of Primary 2.

There are also no Continual Assessments (CA) or Semestral Assessments (SA) until NOW. 

Next week, M will sit for his first SA paper for all 3 subjects. All other primary 2 kids I know sat for a SA1 in May, but not in M's school. His first exam, hence he can't grasp the importance of grades (and why every mark counts), despite my various attempts to impress upon him that the results will be used to 'stream' the kids into different classes. Ahem.

M just had his English and Chinese oral exam a few days ago. Naturally, my focus was ALL on the Chinese exam.

In the past few months, especially the last few weeks, we (the boy and me) have worked hard for his Chinese oral and I must say that I am super pleased with his current standard. With virtually no 'teaching' nor 'help' on mastery of oral exam from school and no tuition/classes, I have been his main and only driver who 'pushed' him forward. It hasn't been a pleasant or smooth journey so far; in fact there were tons of tears and sweat and countless incidents which could potentially have raised my blood pressure, but I know for certain that he feels a huge sense of satisfaction and pride with his own ability now, which also greatly boosts his confidence and interest in the subject.

In many ways, I am thankful that M has a solid foundation in English and Maths. He aces every worksheet and class test for English and is able to grasp his Pri 2 Maths concepts easily without help. So I can channel my limited time to coaching him on Chinese.

Now, we are just counting down to his Chinese SA2 paper, which should be a breeze for him. There is only one weakness to work on and there is still time to review and learn the skills required.  Ten days to go!! Can't wait.

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