Monday, October 15, 2012

Chomp Chomp

Bunny's sixth pearly white was first visible when she was 12.5 month. Now, it is nearly as big as the other three teeth on her lower gum.

She has been eating fairly chunky food for a while now. Most of her chunky food are introduced in the form of finger food during her breakfast and snack time. Though she still loves her vegetable-flavoured rice cakes, I introduced her to oat cakes and tiny pieces of hard wholegrain crackers recently to increase her repertoire. She can handle very thinly sliced or small cubes of apples and really enjoys tiny cubes of cheddar cheese too.

She loves her soft fruits and can eat bananas, watermelon and grapes all day long if I let her. Recently, we discovered she loves raspberries too, but she seems to develop a little rash on her stomach the day she eats some, though it does go away a few hours later.

It makes me so happy to see her chomp on her fruits everyday and I make sure she eats three types a day. What a refreshing change! I often wonder about the differences in her eating habits and preferences compared to the boys and if this has anything to do with the fact that I am still breastfeeding her.

She loves putting her teeth to good use. So when she isn't eating food, she chews on board books. She is the only child in the family who enjoys tearing a piece of paper off and chewing it into bits. Usually by the time we caught her in the act, she had already chewed it into a soggy pulp. I am sure this is one of the consequences of being a 3rd child + having a busy mom who can't watch her all the time.

Very soon, she will have all her teeth. I must take more photos of her now, for I know in future, I will miss the stage when she was still 'relatively toothless'. 

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