Sunday, August 12, 2012


Olivia started mimicking this week.

1. Filing
After watching daddy filing her nails with a nail file, she got the idea!  We found out by chance when E handed a file to her the next day, just to distract her for a while, when she started fussing in his arms.

This video was made a few days later, purely for our amusement.   *.*

Video taken in mid August. Bun @11 months 

2. Elephant and Crocodile
During a reading session, I showed her an illustration of an elephant and concurrently demonstrated  (with a raised arm near my nose) how it waves its long trunk. She picked it up immediately and ever since when she heard anyone of us say 'elephant', she would raise her arm near her face and waved it around! Just like an elephant's trunk!!

A day later, E taught her to open her mouth big and say 'ahhhh' when he was reading a book on Crocodiles. By the end of the reading (which means he probably repeated the 'ahhhh' a few times), she mimicked. When she did that on cue, I showed her a hand gesture of outstretching my arms and slapping two palms together (pretending to be the croc closing its jaws). The next day, she would go 'ahhh' and slap her palms together whenever she heard us say 'crocodile'!

3. Hairclip
When handed one of my hairclips, she would place it on her head immediately.

4. Blow
She witnessed me blowing into some steaming hot food one day. Gave me a grin and mimicked me straightaway. Sometimes she would look a bowl, regardless if there is food in it or not, and started blowing at it.

I am sure there are a couple more funny things that she started mimicking but I can't recall them at this point. Will add the photos later. :>

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