Saturday, August 11, 2012

To Kill or Not?

The boys spotted a house spider dangling from its silky web, just outside our door. 

Chip's immediate reaction was to pick it up with his fingers and squash it. 

M intervened loudly. "Leave it alone! It hasn't done you any harm. Don't kill it! Don't touch it!'

"But why not? I want to kill it. Why can't I kill it?" The whole time, Chip never took his eyes off the spider, all ready to just 'pounce' on the spider.

As the boys carried on the tiff, Chip had his arms outstretched and even attempted to kick the spider off its web while M was pulling him away with all his might. 

The above scene lasted barely 30 seconds, until I told Chip to leave it alone. When he protested, I insisted that they get into the house immediately.

Then I heard him murmuring,"I will come back later to squash you, little spider"

A few minutes later, M asked for permission to transfer the spider to somewhere safe, though I told him it wasn't necessary.

A classic example of how different the boys are. Despite my teaching them the same way about living things and cherishing lives etc.... they would react so differently.

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