Monday, August 13, 2012

White Lies

The boys made a birthday card each for daddy.

M showed me his readily. Simple but sweet. 

Chip refused to show me his and wouldn't tell me why. From afar, I could tell he was really busy adding all sorts of details and was having fun creating the card. 

After some pestering, he revealed 'Mummy, you will be very sad if you see this card. So you can't see it'. But he still wouldn't explain further. My curiosity was piqued and I had to see the card. 

Eventually, he showed me. True enough, I was a little sad. Perhaps hurt too. 

In his way of saying how much his daddy means to him, he added the line 'I love you more than mummy .... '. 

I pretended to sob. He watched my face closely and must have seen that I was indeed a little affected by what he wrote. Immediately, he dropped his pencils, came over to give me a big cuddle and told me 'I love daddy by only one slice. And you get three loafs of love, mummy!' 

He went on to explain that he wrote the line in the birthday card just to make daddy happy. So did he console me now, just to make me happy? 

At this point, M added 'that is why I always say I love mummy and daddy the same'. 

I am sure M means it. He has a sensitive soul and is highly empathic.

As for Chip, I really can't tell. I won't be surprised if he loves daddy more. After all, I am the one who forbids him from watching E play Dark Souls and discourage iPad and iphone games. I am the one who insists on sitting him down to review challenging work. Dad is the one who plays games, reads comics with and he gets all his junk food fix when he is out and about with daddy. 

But I am surprised by the white lies. My little boy has grown up. 


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