Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Now and again, Chip will tell me how scared he is of the 'spooks'. He meant the ghosts.

He tried to sneak in my bed early this morning, citing the same reason. But I didn't allow him to. On hindsight, perhaps I should just be more understanding.

Again, at bedtime tonight, he reminded me of his fear.

No such thing, I told him.

'You mean ghosts are just something that adults made up to scare naughty children?'  

Even if there were ghosts, why would they choose to come to our house? They wouldn't dare to come near us because they would know that mummy is home. They would be too scared of mummy (because I can be really fierce and the kids know it). Ghosts would only haunt those people who had harmed them before. We didn't harm anyone, so there is nothing to be scared of.

He listened to my words carefully with his wide-eyed innocence. :)

I don't know how assuring my words were but he did go to sleep rather quickly after my goodnight kiss.

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