Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wake-up Call

Went to the wake of a former mentor earlier.

One great man. A formidable force. An inspiration to many.

I last met him in 2001 with E. Dinner in London during one of his business trips. He wanted to meet the guy who had persuaded me to 'drop everything' here.

A long chat in 2003 and another in 2007. His attempts to woo me back to the industry. It was very flattering but I could not commit because of the kids. The door would always be open for me, he reiterated. I knew I could count on him for that.....

Since news of his passing reached me a few days ago, I have been troubled.

Just 55. It's so wrong for a man like him to leave so young. It's so unfair. 

But this is also a wake-up call.

Slow down. Smell the flowers. Enjoy life more.


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