Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The King of Comics

Have you heard of The Beano ?

This is the most recent addition to our growing comics collection. To someone like me who grew up reading Chinese comics, this so-called King of Comics is a complete stranger.

Ever since the grannies dropped a few copies of the retro-Beano on the boys' laps two months ago, the kids have pretty much plastered their faces to the pages of the Beano comics whenever they have some free time. And they do have plenty of leisure hours, which means whenever I glanced at the directions where the boys are, I see two Beano covers and two giggling bodies behind.

The cute fact is this: the few copies that grannies brought belonged to E and dated back to March 1998 when it cost only 45 pence a copy. How precious!

Now each copy cost thrice as much in London and a whopping $4.50 per issue in Singapore. I consider it a little pricey since it is a weekly issue, which means one can look at spending an average of $20 a month on this comic alone. E has started indulging the boys and buying the recent issues but I may discourage him a little, just so the boys don't come to expect it as an entitlement. Maybe we should consider borrowing it from the library. Just maybe.... (I know if he is reading this now, he will roll his eyes.)

I can see why the boys will enjoy the humour. They have been memorizing the jokes and riddles mentioned in the comic and quizzing us twenty times a day. Despite the repetitions, they still find the jokes hilarious, so I can also understand why the dad thinks it is money well-spent.

So it's your turn:
(1) what do you call a penguin in a desert?
(2) What do you call a pig that knows karate?
(3) What do you call an octopus with no arms? (scroll down for answers)

For brief moments, I even entertained thoughts of keeping those retro-Beano copies and a few new issues from the boys for another 3 decades so we can hand them down to my grandkids! Another addition to the 'legacy'. Haha!

(keep scrolling.....)

Answers: (1) Lost  (2) Pork Chop  (3) A bubble
Chip just corrected me..... the first two jokes are from Beano. The last one is from him. Hee hee... My funny pig.

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